About Us

Everyone has within themselves the capacity to improve the quality of their health; our gift is in facilitating your return to greater life vitality and joy. So there is always inherent the promise of feeling better!

Together we can relieve the bound up soft tissues that restrict movement, ache, and cause fatigue. We can assist in your coming home to an experience of ease and lightness, to increased energy, wakefulness and joy in living.....joy in being in your body. Your body can soften to feel more connected to the earth, and to your full life.

Beyond the forms of massage and acupuncture we offer, we provide information, consultations and treatment for those interested in breath awareness, earth connection, tuning fork sound healing, and micro-current healing; intuitive readings, flower essences, and graphotherapy. 

Our treatment room is a beautiful, warm, and professional space located within the Cascade Athletic Club; Our memory foam treatment table is spacious and heated, providing the greatest comfort for your relaxation and healing, and with it's smooth electric lift feature we customize the best conditions to work with your body, and offer you ease and support getting on and off the table.