Scott Michaels, L.Ac., L.M.T.

The roots of my work arise from a long time affinity with nature beginning as a cross country runner in the verdant city parks of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; later as a tree planter for many years in East Texas, Louisiana and Wisconsin; and for the past twenty years co-creating with nature an arboretum/park on our ten acre home site at the base of Mount Hood where three rivers and four mountains form a wondrous vortex. The healing energy of the earth, the earth we walk on, and the cosmos we live in, is the foundation of our own healing potential.

A further thread of my work derives from the auspicious blessing of meeting Orcas Island Tai Chi Master, T.Y. Pang whom I began practice with thirty-five years ago, leading to my future studies in the healing arts, including massage, acupuncture and yoga. In years thereafter I have explored healing based on our earth connection, breathwork, sound healing, biodynamic massage, and most recently MPT (micro-current positional tuina), an effective method to release muscle tension and pain, and improve movement.

Another meeting that forever shaped my journey was in attending workshops with poet, mythologist, and teacher Robert Bly back in the early eighties, exposing me to poetry, spiritual traditions, and pioneering scientists from around the world, opening, expanding and integrating my experience of life in these contemporary times.

I continue learning by following what has heart and meaning for me, reading and listening to lectures by leading thinkers, teachers, poets and practitioners; most recently in attending yoga therapy sessions to achieve greater sensitivity, alignment, and ease of movement; and by continuing the journey of life with my wife and the last of four children still living at home....